Cosmetic Braces (Short Term Ortho)

     Short-term orthodontics with the Six Month Smiles System involves treatment goals that are vast in scope but not as comprehensive as most traditional orthodontic cases. Specifically, with the Six Month Smiles System, the aim is to correct teeth straightening issues that deal with the patient's chief orthodontic complaints. This is often crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or spaced teeth. These complaints can often be easily corrected in about six months with the system. This is why Six Month Smiles if often referred to as cosmetically-focused, chief complaint driven, short-term orthodontics. The results speak for themselves and the patient satisfaction is tremendous.

     Short term orthodontic treatment times and clear braces give patients the most attractive option to finally have the smile they've always wanted.  The Utilizing unique clear brackets and tooth colored wires, and the system allows patients to have straight teeth, who think that they are "stuck" if they refuse traditional orthodontic treatment. 

Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces.


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